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About Just Kup Kakes

Having a recipe is one thing, but to bring the recipe to life is a whole different ball game. Anyone can easily go out and buy a box of ready-to- make cake mixes. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees, open the box and throw its contents in a bowl, add the eggs, the oil and the water, bake for about 30 minutes, and VIOLA!!! When people ask “who made this delicious cake?” your initial response is “I DID”, with no mention of good ‘ol Betty or our friend Duncan. Its okay, you are not alone. I was once that “GREAT BAKER” who also only remembered Betty and Duncan when I was paying for them at the local grocery store.

But one day, I was thinking to myself, “What are these actual contents that I am emptying into this bowl?” Then I looked at the ingredients… Propylene glycol monoesters of fatty acid (I know that cakes are not the most healthy food- but to actually see the word “fatty” in the ingredients list made me feel a little more apprehensive). Sodium carboxymethycellulose (try saying that one three times) and sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate (are you a Chemistry Major? Cause I’m NOT!) This got me thinking even more, if I can’t even pronounce the names, why am I putting it in my body?

Nothing is wrong with Betty or Duncan, but what happened to the ‘Grandma model of baking’? Mixing the flour, sugar, all-Natural cocoa, eggs, water and oil with a dash of love? Have we gotten that busy where we have allowed that dash of ‘love’ to be replaced with a dash of sodium carboxymethlycellulose? I created “Just Kup Kakes” for this very reason. I wanted to bring back the ‘Grandma model of baking’ and re-incorporate the ingredient of ‘love’. Using nothing but the finest ingredients: Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, Ghirardelli Premium Cocoa, Callebaut chocolate, ‘Just Kup Kakes’ strives to produce quality, moist and flavourful cupcakes, each mixed, baked and decorated with love.

I have baked cupcakes for family, friends and co-workers, and through their encouragement and compliments, I decided to take baking to the next level. I take pride and pay particular attention to detail with every single cupcake that I produce. I am a fan of freshly baked goods, and I ensure that I transmit that same philosophy to all my customers and clients. Each and every single batch is made fresh the day of your order and decorated to suit your occasion.

What makes my Kup Kakes different from all the other cupcakes? I won’t tell you what sets my Kup Kakes apart, you will just have to sample one for yourself.


Ja’Net | (Owner and Founder)