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Having a recipe is one thing, but to bring the recipe to life is a whole different ball game. Anyone can easily go out and buy a box of ready-to- make cake mixes. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees, open the box and throw its contents in a bowl, add the eggs, the oil and the water, bake for about 30 minutes, and VIOLA!!! When people ask “who made this delicious cake?” your initial response is “I DID”, with no mention of good ‘ol Betty or our friend Duncan. Its okay, you are not alone. I was once that “GREAT BAKER” who also only remembered Betty and Duncan when I was paying for them at the local grocery store.

Just Kup Kakes is a small Home-based business with future hopes of expanding to a retail location. All orders require at least 2 weeks’ notice. Please take a look at our gallery to seem some of the work to-date. Have a different concept in mind? Just Kup Kakes can help bring your innovative and spectacular showpiece to life.

*Please note that Just Kup Kakes bakes with nuts on premises. It is STRONGLY encouraged that individuals with nut allergies refrain from consuming our cupcakes.